How I feel about IFCHIC

“Women are either stay-at-home moms or secretaries.” This statement, besides dripping in misogynist tone, used to be how many women felt they had to choose between. You could either dress down for a home or casual environment or you dress up in a skirt or pant suit. Well, thankfully those days are no longer and women are branching out into a whole new universe of wardrobe options, regardless of professional title.


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IFCHIC is a multifaceted, contemporary and ever-evolving women’s online retailer of hand-curated collections of designer clothes to suit the modern women. Not limited to just one character type, today’s women demand outfits for every phase of life, every environment and to suit each of their own individual personalities.


Balancing personal style with classic materials and cuts can be a tricky task, however many designers manage to pull this off with ease, and it is these versatile designers that IFCHIC seeks out and features on their online store.


From semi-formal dinner party dresses to dressed down patterned skirts and tees IFCHIC offers a wide variety of clothing to suit a large and every growing population of spirited women with refined fashion tastes.


One of the go-to materials women from all walks of life (and men too for that matter) can appreciate for it’s quality and casual style is denim. From trusty jeans that fit like a glove after years of wear to jackets and even dresses, denim is like the best friend you never had, if that friend was clothes.


Leading London denim brand M.i.h Jeans embodies everything loved and admired about a good pair of denims. With a plethora of garment types, washes and styles, M.i.H denim has something for everyone, from the more bohemian to the casual western.


Carrying brands like M.i.h helps define IFCHIC and let’s women know that the buyers and ladies at IFCHIC have versatile and cosmopolitan lifestyles that match their own. Carrying the right designers that not only sell but reflect the core identity of a company and it’s long term vision.


Designer clothing must often strike the balance between form and practicality, from useful to beautiful, many labels sometimes make the mistake of being too far on one end of the spectrum or another. Some brands lack the tailoring of the flair to become truly inspirational. Other brands have too much flair and not enough substance to make them a real “wearable” item.


M.i.h strikes the perfect balance in their denim between stylish and trendy yet robust and long-lasting. Comfort meets fashion in beautiful harmony that is the perfect match for the IFCHIC brand.


Since denim never goes out of style, the longevity of the pieces from M.i.h also lend a sense of security and friendly comfort to both brand, designer and IFCHIC itself.

Few draw the perfect melding of classic style with contemporary cut so well, and when a brand can pull off both it should be cherished and loved by both it’s retailers and wearers alike. IFCHIC doesn’t just carry interesting brands or profitable brands, they carry brands they love to wear and love to recommend to their friends. In this sense, M.i.H jeans and IFCHIC are a perfect match.


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Finding Treasures Outside

If only I could find one of these!

A standard childhood dream is about finding treasures. Preferably a treasure that is fast enough to change your whole life. And, let us be completely honest with one another, many adults still dream about finding treasures.

Finding a treasure does have to stay a dream. There is a way that you, yes you can also find treasures, irrespective of where you live. This method is not dependent on a huge budget or massive capital outlays.

Interestingly enough there are lots of real treasures out there. These treasures are known to exist, but, here is the catch, even though we know that they are really there, we do not know where this there is!

For example, back in the 1930’s, an outlaw called John Dillinger, is said to have buried $200,000 close to the Little Bohemia Lodge in Mercer, Wisconsin. Many a hole has been dug to find this treasure, but to no avail.

Another real treasure that is out there is that of the Nuestra Senora de Atocha, a Spanish galleon that sunk somewhere of Key West in 1622. The total treasure is valued at about $700 million. (Now were talking!) The bad news is that Mel Fisher, a famous American treasure hunter, recovered about $500 million. The good news is that there is still at least $200 million, waiting to be found and thanks to Mel, we have a much better idea of where to look.

Somewhere close to Culpeper, Virginia, Commander Colonel John Singleton Mosby, of Mosby’s Rangers buried a bag filled with gold, silver and other treasures, valued then, to be worth at least $350 000. Mosby could never go back to fetch it. Perhaps you can?

The biggest treasure still lying out there, is worth about $2 billion, give or take a few measly millions! In 1715, not just one, but a whole fleet of Spanish treasure vessels disappeared in one huge storm. It is generally agreed that these ships are somewhere off the eastern shores of Florida. The exact location is to be determined still.

Assuming that you are not actively engaged in looking for one of these treasures mentioned here, but still dream about finding treasures, allow us to share a few thoughts with you on treasures and metal detecting.

A metal detector is a real thing. Detecting metal with one of these is not a mythical dream. Nor is it an unaffordable dream. Let’s be honest, to find the Spanish treasures mentioned earlier, you first need the treasure in order to finance the search!

Modern metal detectors are traced back to the 1920’s. Metal detectors were perhaps made famous through their use to find hidden land mines. Although metal detectors are employed in a variety of ways, including archaeology and security, we are talking about prospecting or treasure hunting by way of metal detecting.

Most commonly found, when using a metal detector are coins. It is not uncommon to see someone on the beach with a metal detector. Coins, watches, phones and other valuables easily disappear into the sand. This activity is called beach combing, and it is the ideal way for finding these hidden treasures. It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the tides and even beach erosion to make increase your chances of finding treasures on the beach.

Digging around on YouTube, Reddit and other sites you will find many videos or accounts of people finding quite valuable treasures with their metal detectors. One lucky treasure hunter found 178 silver coins that date back to the 1830’s and earlier. Another found a 4.9kg gold nugget. I personally use a Garrett metal detector, now I haven’t quite found a almsot 5KG golden nugget but I do have a lot of fun picking up unvaluable coins. Doh!

Considering that Gold retails for about $35,000/kg, this was not a bad find. This particular nugget’s value is enhanced by its unnatural size.

If only I could find one of these!
If only I could find one of these!

It is possible to prospect for gold by way of metal detecting. Generally, however, you need specialised equipment because gold flakes and gold nuggets are small and not easily detectable.

Treasures do not always have to be measured in how much they are worth. You might find an unexploded bomb, a hidden room, a forgotten pocket knife, or something else that has perhaps no resale value, but no one can ever buy the experience and excitement you felt from you.

Metal detecting is not just a fun, exciting, and potentially enriching hobby it is also healthy exercise. You spend your days in the outdoors, walking, and dreaming, looking for that ever elusive find that is just around the corner!

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Divergent Hobbies Ideas


Hobbies ideas are not in short supply, especially with the summer months fast approaching. Hobbies are meant to give people fun outlets, and they particularly provide this in the fast-paced and stressful modern-day world. A sampling of some hobbies that are enjoyed by many people include painting pictures, reading, in general, collecting different items, taking trips to divergent neighborhood parks, creating scrapbooks, and working in a garden. All of these activities will be reviewed in greater detail.

Painting is a popular hobby. People can purchase materials for painting from craft shops, and they can attend classes on painting through community colleges and their local park systems. They can paint in watercolor, oil, acrylic, and more paints and the possibilities with painting are endless. The hobby provides a fun and peaceful outlet.

Reading is another activity that is popular with a lot of people. Libraries, the Internet, and book shops all provide solid sources from which people can get books. Reading transports people to different places, and a lot of different kinds of books are available. There are books based on plays, comedies, works of fiction, non-fiction pieces, and more. There is nothing similar to relaxing with a good book on the beach or just reading one on a lazy day.

Coin and stamp collecting is yet another hobby that is enjoyed by many people. Collectors can purchase materials and books in which they can place the stamps and/or coins. They can also go to shows featuring stamps and coins where new items can be purchased and where other collectors can be mingled with. Stamps and coins also have an increased value as time goes on.

A pile of money!!!!
A pile of money!!!!

Taking trips to divergent neighborhood parks is an additional activity that is rather popular. Parks give people the opportunity to get fresh air and walk around or enjoy a picnic on days with good weather. There are even parks that have great hiking trails and/or lakes. Playgrounds provide children with endless hours of fun. Park resource centers are the source of activities and information about a park’s history.

Making scrapbooks is another hobby enjoyed by many people. Craft shops provide a source of materials needed to create scrapbooks, and the books can be made for special events or to document things, like the first year of a child’s life, for example. It must be noted that creating scrapbooks can become costly, and people should thus seek discounts on materials where they could.


Gardening is another activity that is quite popular with many people. Produce, herbs, blossoms, and more can be gardened. Different websites and books provide solid information on when it is best to garden certain items. Gardening provides a peaceful environment, and there is nothing that compares to a person’s being able to eat the fruits of his or her labor. A family can also save a lot of money through gardening their own produce. Seeds for gardening can be purchased at nurseries or home improvement stores.

In conclusion, many hobbies exist that serve to bring people to a different place in today’s hectic and fast-paced world. These activities include painting, reading, collecting stamps and coins, visiting different neighborhood parks, creating scrapbooks, and gardening. They provide healthy and creative outlets for countless numbers of people


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All You Should Know About Indoor Hobbies

Hobbies are most loved leisure activities that one likes to enjoy and gives an awesome feeling of fulfillment. These hobbies are played for no particular reason and unwinding and at times they are considered up important. You can be included either in indoor hobbies or open air hobbies. Some indoor hobbies include:


Perusing is a standout amongst the most brilliant hobbies a person can have. Perusing is without uncertainty an extremely amazing recreation interest. It is normally a standout amongst the most delighted in past times ever, notwithstanding being a splendid strategy for procurement of learning, developing dialect expertise and aiding in studies. Reading ignites the cerebrum.
Billiards or Pool
Men who are aces at the amusement will swear by the unbelievable joy of a pool session. It is a standout amongst the most powerfully taken after exercises by men. Nothing has a superior chilling impact than a billiards session clubbed with some sustenance and beverage.


Cooking is considered by numerous ladies as a traditional obligation and not a leisure activity. Yet, it can be a standout amongst the most event hobbies for ladies and you can without trouble encounter the qualification between cooking as a commitment and as an interest. It can be real stimulating to make various new and imaginative formulas managing an account exclusively upon your cookery understanding.


Painting is an enormous strategy for moderating tension and anxiety, the key being to be unique and have articulate aesthetic self-governance. It allows a person to back off, hang about and consider for some time and after that be closer to his common environment. By this methodology, he finds to be appreciative of the endowment of God, that is, the appeal and magnificence of Nature, which he gets and depicts in his gem.

Online Gaming

If you have a PC then an unwinding thing to do when you have a couple of minutes is to play diversions on the web. You get a couple recreations with your PC thus you needn’t bother with the web however in the event that you are snared to the web then the diversions are interminable. There are such a variety of decisions of diversions to pick thus there will undoubtedly be some that would suit your taste. A number of the amusements are free and some require an installment either a coincidental installment or a month to month membership charge. A few locales offer a free trial period first and afterward give you the alternative join. The main issue is that web gaming can get to be addictive.


Sewing, certainly can be the most alleviating, profitable and cash turning leisure activity which can demonstrate the route to a major cash making business. Gaining the information and skill to sew is entirely engrossing and lets ladies to be as masterful and imaginative as they wish to.

Yes, I know it's January so shh!
Yes, I know it’s January so shh!

Food Decoration

At present this side interest can be more pleasurable and engaging for a ton of ladies, as it gives the impression to be more masterful than cooking. In the event that you feel like earnestly captivating yourself in this side interest, you go to some enhancing classes. This is a standout amongst the most great leisure activities for ladies, as at any given day you might well be sufficiently capable to build up your own particular enormous business in this field.


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Some Ideas about Outdoor Hobbies and How to Choose the Best One

walking the dog

Some Ideas about Outdoor Hobbies and How to Choose the Best One

A hobby can be described as an activity done purely for recreation. Whether you are a child or an adult, at one point you may need an outdoor activity to relax your mind and body. Some of the best ideas include playing, beekeeping, fish keeping, gardening among many more. Fishing, for instance, can be a very relaxing outdoor activity that anyone irrespective of his age can choose to do. Choosing an outdoor activity will always depend on your taste and preference.

After working for a whole week, you would want an activity that relaxes you. Some of the activities that you can also try out include nature photography, bird watching, running, or even bush walking. One thing about outdoor hobbies is that they are best done in groups. This means that apart from the activity you will also get an opportunity to socialize with people you are out with. But how can you choose the best outdoor activity. Here is how

Look at what you are interested in; take your time and assess what consumes your spare time. Do you enjoy gardening, running, reading or socializing with friends? You need to turn what you are already doing into an outdoor hobby. This will ensure that while you will enjoy doing this you will also be relaxing your mind and your body.

Think about what you value; what kind of traits is important to you. Do your value courage and wisdom? Do you feel like spending time with people who inspire you or do you enjoy creating things? These traits should guide you into choosing the best outdoor hobby. You can take up painting because you admire those who often do this as an outdoor activity.

Examine your personality; just as anything else certain hobbies require certain skills. In fact, if you do not have a certain traits then you might not enjoy certain hobbies. For instance, if you are skilled in building and tinkering maybe you enjoy outdoor activities that involve creating new things. You can also consider a hobby such as building cars or repairing furniture. The good thing is that while enjoying yourself, you will also be doing something of great value.

Focus on what ignites our passion; the way you express issues can also reveal something about the things that you value. You can then develop these passions into a hobby. Think about the topics that you go on endlessly discussing maybe it is high time you turn them into outdoor hobbies. For example, if you enjoy talking about politics getting involved in politics when you are free could be a great idea.

Check out the hobbies websites; there are certain websites that focus mainly on outdoor hobbies. This means you can use them to figure out what pleases you. While checking on them, you must be willing to try more than one hobby. If the first one is not the best do not be afraid to choose the next.

walking the dog

You can actually earn a lot of money from dog walking!

Bottom line

Outdoor hobbies are great since you can do them alone or with other people. They do not have to be physical they should be purely for enjoyment, financial gains and helping other people.

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